Friday, July 27, 2012

Who Am I?

It’s a question many people struggle with.  Life is all about the journey, the adventure, of finding out “Who Am I?”  I think, very often, most people never really arrive at an answer that “suits” them.  We live life as the child of our parents, then we might become “the friend of so & so”, the spouse of such & such, then the parent of our children.  We are never just “us”.  It’s never really been just “Angela – you know her, right?”  It’s been more like “Angela, you know Mason & Marleigh’s mom”.  Our identity almost always falls to our association with another.  As I have gotten older, now on my own, searching for my true identity, it occurs to me that no one really ever said “you know, Angela, that Christian lady”.  I haven’t always been associated with Christ.  And, why not?  Since I am, indeed, His child! 

I have been working on that now for quite some time.  I want people to look at me & see Christ in me!  So, who am I?  I am a daughter of the Most High King!  I am His chosen!  I am loved & adored by the One who created the universe.  He knows me by name!  He doesn’t refer to me as Otis & Joanne’s daughter or Mason & Marleigh’s mother – He calls me beloved!  He calls me SPECIAL!!!  He knows me personally, inside & out.  He loves me & accepts me just the way I am, with all of my shortcomings & failures – with all of my stubbornness!  He still knocks at my door, asking to come in & visit al while.  He is all knowing, yet He wants me to tell Him about myself – He wants to get to know me better by listening to me.  Who am I?  I am loved, forgiven, blessed, anointed.  I am Angela, a special child of Christ!! 

Who are you?  Exactly the same – a child of Christ!  If you have never met him personally – now is your chance!!  It’s simple, all you have to do is say this “Hi Lord, it’s me, _________________.”  Yes, He already knows your name & who you are, but it’s great to introduce yourself in a new way to Him & talk to Him just as you would anyone else!  “I have sinned & fallen short of Your glory, but I am totally ready to change!  I want to be known as a child of the King.  I want people to associate me with You.  So, I would be so grateful if You’d come into my heart to stay.  i want to live my life for You, starting right now!!  Thank you, sweet Jesus!!”  That’s it!  Now you are saved!  Your part is to start living like it!  Consult God about everything!!  Be constantly aware of His presence in your life.  he will lead & guide you!!

Who are we?  Family!!!  With an AMAZING FATHER!!!!!!! 

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  1. Amen! Finally learning that God is the ultimate One who I love and live for and truly strive to please...and He is the One who has always loved me and loves me no matter what and always will...that was the best relief. I always worried about what people thought of me, even in church. I worried so much that it caused me discouragement. Now, I know that God is pleased with me. He loves me and He loves me for who I am...because He made me the way I am for a purpose. I love your post. I too have been working on my relationship with the Lord and it has been such a powerful change in my life in the past 4 or 5 months especially. I also want people to know me as "Callie, the Christian woman". <3