Friday, July 20, 2012

God With Skin On - An Update!

If you haven't had a chance to read God With Skin On, I encourage you to go read it now.  Click here.  I was convinced that Regina was really an angel sent from heaven above for me that particular night!  I had been back to Wal-Mart on several occassions & never saw her again.  I even told my mother that I didn't believe she was a "real person"!  Well, just in the good old fashioned "God Way", something simply amazing happened to me the other day - or should I say, it happened to US!!! 

I was getting up to get ready for my daughter's birthday party, when my phone rang.  I didn't recognize the number, but I answered it anyway, just in case it was somebody inquiring about the party.  When I answered the voice on the other end says "Well, good morning!"  I replied with a sleepy "good morning".  The voice was not one I recognized.  She began to talk & tell me her story - she said "My name is Regina & I work at Wal-Mart."  I immediately perked up!!  I felt like the M&M from the commercial with Santa Clause - you know, the one where they all faint saying "He does exist, They do exist"!  Ha!!  Regina does exist & she is talking to me from the other end of this phone line.  She proceeded to tell me about how someone read my blog & printed a copy of it, took it to her supervisors at Wal-Mart & how they called her into the office to tell her all about it!  She said they were all in tears as they read the letter to her & gave her a copy of it.  She too was in tears because she realized that her prayers had been answered.  She didn't feel like she was really making an impact for the kingdom of God & wasn't sure that God was hearing her.  After she read the blog, she understood that God had indeed heard her & that, just as she prayed for Him to work through her, He had done just that!  She said "this letter is not about me at all, but it's about God working through me!"  She just rejoiced on the phone that day because just as God had used Regina to let ME know He heard ME, God turned right around & used ME to let REGINA know that He heard HER as well!!!  How amazing is that?!? 

Now, if that wasn't miracle enough - I was certainly wondering how in the world she knew my phone number!  As she was telling about how good God is & the story of how we first met, a customer recognized the story - she told Regina that it sounded familiar & pulled a book out of her purse & said "here you go, this is Angela's phone number."  Man - what an amazing God we have!!  To put all of this together & get us in touch again... it's absolutely astounding!  Nothing but God could have worked that out!!  It was a good 3 months from the night we met until the day she called me - so remember....

He DOES hear you when you pray!!  He DOES listen when you pray!!  Just because you don't see the results you may be looking for right now, does not mean HE doesn't hear & HE isn't listening!  He is just working things out behind the scenes!!!  When it happens, you will KNOW IT WAS GOD!!!

Be blessed today!!  I sure am!!!!

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