Sunday, July 8, 2012

Faith or Fault

Being open minded is really harder than one might think.  I feel like I have a pretty open mind about most things & a tolerance for things people around “these parts” don’t always have.  However, I have learned that having an open mind to the promises of God is sometimes a really hard thing to do.  Maybe it’s because God doesn’t always fulfill those promises “right now”; or maybe it’s because we can’t see God &, therefore, have trouble believing what He says.  We are mostly a skeptical people who need to see with human eyes & feel with human feelings – which is reasonable since we are indeed human.  But, we must also realize that we are spiritual beings as well – God created us with a spirit that lives inside & as the Bible tells us, we are to walk by FAITH & not by SIGHT.  (2 Corinthians 5:7)  We really are a faithless people when you think about it.  We say “I have faith in God”, but when it comes to the fulfillment of a promise He has given, we tend to question Him.  When God?  How God?  How long will it be God? Why not now God?  If the fulfillment doesn’t happen when we think it should or how we think it should, we want to give up on God.  We want to throw up our hands & say “whatever, God!” 

The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:9 “The Lord is not slow in doing what He promised, the way some people understand slowness.  But God is being patient with you.  He does not want anyone to be lost, but He wants all people to change their hearts & lives.”  (NLT)

This verse speaks to me on so many levels today!  1st of all “The Lord is not slow in doing what He promised, the way some people understand slowness…” When God says it, it’s done… period!  Just because we can’t see it with our human eyes does NOT mean it hasn’t been completed!  In God’s eyes – it has been done!!  The way we understand it, it’s slow… but not to our God!!

Secondly, “But God is being patient with you.”  Uh-humm…. excuse me??  God is being patient with ME??  But I am the one down here WAITING!!  Patiently!!!  Well, kind of patiently… At least, I thought I was the one being patient – what does this mean?  God is being patient with me?  Matthew 6:2, 5, 16 talks about when you give, when you pray, when you fast.  Are we doing all of these things which God has commanded us to do?  Are we giving to the needs necessary – to needy people?  We don’t have to wait for God to tell us to give – HE ALREADY DID!!  Are we praying & reading the Word with diligence?  Are we fasting like we should?  If you have a specific need you are praying for, are you also fasting for that need?  Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross for us!  He suffered persecution & humiliation to save our lives that we might have eternal life with Him!  Can we not “sacrifice” a meal?  Can we not “sacrifice” Facebook for even a week?  Can we not “sacrifice” television?  Can we not “sacrifice” giving of our time?  Can we not “sacrifice” some money for someone in need?  How much “sacrifice” is it really??  What would you really miss by “sacrificing” any of these things?

Third, “He does not want anyone to be lost, but He wants all people to change their hearts & lives.”  God wants us to become repentant.  Repentance does not mean we ask God for forgiveness & then continue in the same way… doing things we shouldn’t do – or, dare I say, NOT doing things we SHOULD do!  Repentance means we ask God to forgive us & then turn from our old ways.  You change your heart and your life!!!  God wants us to put our trust in him, to change our way of living & our way of thinking.  To have FAITH that He is doing (has already done) what He has promised He would do & for us to do as He commanded.  TO GIVE, TO PRAY, TO FAST.  When we do our part, He has more liberty to do His part.  We are the ones slowing up the process!  God is being patient with us!  I think it’s time we get serious & get busy!!!  So, search yourself today – are you living with FAITH or FAULT??

Lord, I thank you today for being so patient with me!  Thank you for your sacrifice on the cross & thank you for not giving up on me when I don’t do my part.  Father, place in me a desire to do what you commanded – to give, to pray, to fast.  Help me understand that the promises you have given me are already done in your eyes & I must continue to praise you for them.  Lord, I want to be found faithful in Your sight… not at fault.  I want to do my part!  My sacrifice is nothing compared to what You have done for me.  Thank you for Your promises & thank you for being faithful to me!!  You are an awesome God!!


  1. Beautifully written! This truly touched me as it brought to mind my own experience...a 6 year journey of asking why and when. But, God was right on time. Though I lost hope and was therefore unfaithful to Him, he still came through on His part. What a wonderful Father to bless someone in the most wonderful way even when they were so undeserving. Proof He loves us all the same even when we fail. Our minds cannot understand nor comprehend the thoughts of God. We just have to trust that His plan is always better than ours. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome Angela. Thank you for the reminder to GIVE. PRAY. FAST.