Monday, February 10, 2014

It Is Well

"It is well", that's all she said,
It mattered not her son was dead.
She closed the door and believed with faith,
Her son would live, not just his wraith.
"Take me to the man of God"
She mounted her horse and traveled the sod.
Elisha was found and she did explain.
He comforted her, he did not disdain.
Back to her home they traveled again,
Their prayers not yet allowing an amen.
He went upstairs where the body lay,
Elisha again began to pray.
He laid himself upon the boy
And prayers again he did employ.
Elisha paced the room around
But the boys life was still unfound.
He laid upon him one more time,
As if the first were a paradigm.
Life retuned, the boy did breathe,
His life, from death, it was unsheathed.
This mother, on death, she did not dwell -
All she said was "It is well".

My life experienced a form of death.
At times I couldn't even catch my breath.
A woman of God, she came to me -
She told me things I could not see.
"Pick up your head and look above
That is where you'll find true love.
Have faith my dear, do not despair,
Temptations in life, you must forbear.
The Lord, your God, will lead the way -
You must take it day by day".
Although I listened, I may not have heard
And clear-cut lines I sometimes blurred.
This life is hard and the things unseen
We often ridicule and even demean.
Our faith, it tends to fade with time
When life proves itself less than sublime.
Life's not always easy, more often it's not,
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we ought.
Find faith again and live by that!
Teach it to the ones whom you begat.
The future, of course, we can't foretell,
But we can live life knowing that "It is well"!

2 Kings 4:8-37 NASB

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  1. Dear Angela, your post was such a blessing to me, even when the worst happens, it can be well with our soul, if we let the Holy Spirit control our thoughts and our emotions. Blessings Gloria Powell