Thursday, December 30, 2010

Self Discipline... The Lesson

Have you ever been given a lesson in self discipline? I am on the journey now to understand what that really means. I have been following the Living Proof Ministries blog, by Beth Moore, for a while now. Just now getting really into it... I love her. She is so vibrant, full of energy and the best part, so in love with GOD!!! Her heart is for women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity... doesn't matter. She just loves women and wants women to love God and experience HIM the way she does! She is doing the Siesta's Scripture Memorization Team... it is a "team" of of ladies who follow her blog and if you choose you can jump on board and memorize 24 verses in the following year... that is going to take discipline! Click on the Living Proof Ministries blog link to find out more...

Anyway... back to self discipline. I have to say this is NOT a strong point in my life! I do NOT practice it on a daily basis to very much extent. I tend to blame everything around me for the CHAOS in my life. It is crazy, lazy & just plain ridiculous. I constantly feel completely overwhelmed with daily tasks that should just come so easy to me. Work is my refuge from cleaning my house and my house is my refuge from work, but who wants to be in a house that is a mess?! I get so overwhelmed just walking in my door that I give up before I even get started. So, the cycle continues!!

My weaknesses... I do not clean my house the way it should be done. (Therefore, if any of you were planning a visit, please call first. Let me at least throw it all in a closet so it appears to be clean and it appears that I have it all together! *grin*) I do not tend to my family in the proper way. Don't get me wrong here... my family is well fed, well clothed and well taken care of. What I mean by this is that I do not give them my undivided attention in the time they need it. I am usually too busy stressing over what needs to be done that I snap at them to leave me alone for now... we will talk about it later. This will lead to no talking at all in the days, months, years to come! I definitely don't want that!! The last I will mention is (well, not, by any means, the last weakness I have, just the last I will mention today) my walk with Christ. I am so BUSY (Being Under Satan's Yolk) with life and the stresses of life that I forget to take the time where it is needed most... in daily reading of God's Word and in appointed prayer time.

Really, if I could just remember that it is God who gave me this life (although it is I who has messed it up), He will be faithful to me if I will be faithful to HIM. I must spend that appointed time with God and hear what He has to say to me today (and it must be appointed, otherwise you will lose your day and realize that you didn't have "time" to spend today). I must listen and not do all of the talking. I must put that FIRST in my life, then allow HIM to work the rest of it out. When I show self discipline in my relationship with Him, then self discipline will follow in the other areas of my life.

This is not an easy lesson to learn. It hurts and it's not fun, by any means!! But, for life to run smoothly, even in the midst of a bumpy ride, self discipline is a MUST!! Christ in your life is a MUST!! Otherwise, it's just a world of chaos.

Dear Lord, I pray for self discipline for this coming year. I have practiced laziness far too long. I want to be dependent solely on YOU, Lord. I need the energy to complete daily tasks without feeling completely overwhelmed. Help me take it step by step and not feel that it has to ALL be completed RIGHT NOW. I am asking You for self discipline in my walk with You, daily reading Your Word & spending appointed time in prayer. Self discipline in my eating habits, I want to live a healthier lifestyle. Self discipline in keeping my house clean, Lord… You know how much I struggle with this one!! Self discipline in tending to my family when and how they need tending to. I thank You, Precious Lord, right now for giving me the mind strength I need to accomplish great things in the coming year & not to feel completely overwhelmed. I love You, Sweet Lord!! In Your name I pray. Amen

On a side note, it is good to be back! I have been gone from posting far too long. I hope to continue to listen as God speaks to me and share with you the words He gives me!!

Oh and if you are one of those who throws things in the closet when company is coming, please don't live in CHAOS anymore. Click here and find out how!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Patience and Perseverance

For those who do not know... I teach a Sunday School class at my church! Yes, I am blessed to have the pre-teens... you know, the ones who know it all, have already seen it all, are much more qualified to do EVERYTHING than you are. You know them, you have them, you want to strangle them sometimes, just like I do... don't even try to deny it!! No, really... I do have a great group of kids! A lot of them too... this past Sunday we had almost 20 in that little ole class room. Anyway... on to my story!!

We (my co-teacher and myself) have been "going" to different places around the world over the past few months with our students. We teach from HighPoint and it "takes" you to all sorts of places by "plane". We always have a character that helps drive home whichever point it is we are trying to make. For instance, right now we "are in" Alaska! Mount McKinley to be specific... our object lesson is "Overcoming Disappointment", so the 5 weeks that we will be "in" Alaska will be teaching them how to overcome disappointing times in their life by relying on God! Our character is Miles High, a mountain climber who is headed to the summit of Mt. McKinley. He is involved in a situation with a friend from school who used to always bully him (they are grown now and he wants to get even...) Miles visits us each week and we help him work through his disappointment!! We always have a "life verse", which right now is "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7 Then we have "the point"... "When I feel disappointed, I will trust God". These are driven home to the children week after week, so by the time we get to the end of the 5 weeks... they are Johnny on the Spot when you ask them what they are!!

Ok... on to Patience and Perseverance!! These were 2 words that the students had to learn about a couple of weeks ago! I say the students and really mean myself!! Hard times are upon everyone, I believe! Satan is out for individuals, family units, churches, etc, etc!! We must guard ourselves against the attack of the enemy at all times!! So, Sunday night, Bro. Bill preaches from the back of a french fry bag... (if you were there, you know) Isaiah 30:18 "The Lord wants to show his mercy to you. He wants to rise and comfort you. The Lord is a fair God, and everyone who WAITS for His help will be happy" (emphasis mine) UGH!!!!!! But, GOD.... I'M TIRED OF WAITING!!! I'VE BEEN PATIENT LONG ENOUGH!!!! Well, the very next day (Monday), I picked up my Bible and there was a piece of paper sticking out of the top that had been there for several weeks. I decide to take it out and when I opened up the Bible to remove the paper, there it was!! Isaiah 32!! The book Isaiah was very familiar... I had just heard from that book the night before. So, I looked on and there was "the headline" Hard Times are Coming... what?? Are you kidding me right now?? COMING?? I thought they were already HERE!!!!!! Yes... my hard times are here RIGHT NOW!!!! So, on I read. (This was Isaiah 32:9-14) Then there it is again... another "headline" Things Will Get Better... whew!! THANK YOU LORD!!! (Isaiah 32:15-20)

It finally hit me... it's all about patience and perseverance! Holding on and not giving up. WAITING on the Lord to deliver "the good times" in HIS time!! Vs. 18 says "My people will live in peaceful places and in safe homes and in calm places of rest." Wow!! I can't wait for that to come!! Ha!! You hear that... "I CAN'T WAIT for that to come" Lets regroup... I WILL wait for that to come!!

So, here I am, readers... patiently waiting and (as my dd would say) practicing perseverance!!