Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trust Your Struggle

The struggle is real, the struggle is now,
It doesn’t ease up, right over you it plows,
The struggle is hard, the struggle is tough,
It takes you to the point where you’ve had quite enough.
The struggle won’t cease, the struggle you bear,
It will carry on until your life it ensnares.
The struggle is rugged, the struggle is mighty,
It’s overtaking and quite frankly appalling.
The struggle is daunting, the struggle intimidates,
It makes you feel like you’re wearing weights.
The struggle terrifies, the struggle disheartens,
It knocks you down and your heart it bludgeons.
The struggle is fear, the struggle is frustration,
It causes anxiety and unceasing trepidation.
The struggle agitates, the struggle alarms,
It renders you helpless and your will it disarms.
But… the struggle is vital, the struggle is needed,
It strips you down until you’re no longer impeded.
The struggle has meaning, the struggle has purpose,
It will keep you grounded so as not to get pompous.
The struggle has significance, the struggle has reason,
It strikes up a fire and ignites a new passion.
The struggle brings spirit, the struggle brings spunk,
It will remind you of these when you get in a funk.
The struggle brings guts, the struggle brings grit,
It gives you a boldness that you can’t counterfeit.
The struggle brings power, the struggle brings fortitude,
It is etched in your mind and on your heart it’s tattooed.
The struggle brings nerve, the struggle brings endurance,
And although it seems so, it’s not such a hindrance.
The struggle brings openness, the struggle brings honesty,
It gives you a strength and overwhelming tenacity.
The struggle brings security, the struggle brings determination,
All of your will, your desire, and your purpose it beckons.
The struggle, you see, is a difficult journey,
But it brings from the ashes a new kind of beauty.
Out of the struggle your character will build,
And the lessons you learn will be carefully instilled.
So where ever you’re going and where ever you’ve been,
You must trust your struggle to the very end.

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