Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Soar like a bird, seek to go higher;
Possibilities are endless when it’s God you desire.
You must leave the nest to reach full potential;
Step from your comfort zone, don’t be so doubtful.
The Lord will show you just where to land;
Then you must listen & take your stand.
God will never, ever let you fall.
He even holds the sparrow, so dainty & small.
So, soar like a bird – don’t be afraid;
The Lord will protect you, He’ll come to your aid.
He’s there as your guide, to lead & direct;
Just stop, look & listen, don’t be circumspect.
Like the bird, He has given us a natural instinct;
To draw nigh to Him, through our prayers we are linked.
We are His children – we are His treasure;
God’s love for us is way beyond measure.
So, soar like a bird, go higher & higher;
Possibilities are endless when it’s God you desire!
© Angela M. Jackson 2011


  1. you wrote this for me. :) thank you. God is amazingly good and timely and He used YOU! Praise!!

  2. Wow! Angie will tell you how incredible your poem speaks to us. thank you. B His Girl