Friday, July 8, 2011

Choose Today

Choose you this day whom you will serve.
Will it be God or will you swerve?
He wants your all - your full attention,
And when you speak, His name to mention.
Loyalty is what it all comes down to,
Will it be to Him or what you want to do?
Time alone will be required.
Sacrifices made - you'll be inspired.
God will speak if you'll just listen
People will wonder why your face glistens.
Full of Christ now, what more could there be?
A world full of people who need to see.
They're watching you! Every move you make,
Tell them about God and what’s at stake.
Every one of us - we have our story.
Hopefully it ends with God's grace and glory!
He died for us - that we didn't deserve -
Now choose you this day whom you will serve!
© copyright Angela M. Jackson 2011
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